Fitness Coach

Fitness Coach

Extended Bio

Her yoga practice comes from both traditional and experimental background. She has learnt a wide range of different yoga styles from respective yogis and gurus from different places. These styles include Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar, Acroyoga, and Thai Yoga Massage which has influenced her teaching style to be joyful, dynamic and creative.

Pascha has been working within fields of creative movement and yoga for more than a decade. Her passion for the body and the way it communicates has inspired her to use the body as a tool to increase vitality and playfulness as well as cultivating awareness and peace in mind.

Her work and experience as a physical performer include productions from B-Floor Physical Theatre in Thailand and Wajiwa Bandung Dance Theatre in Indonesia. Her recent projects were in England (2014) – “performing heritage – Un-thai-tled” – a solo performance and “Poem in the City” – a dance, theatre, poem piece directed by a Korean choreographer.

Having trained as a dancer and worked in dance/theatre productions, Pascha has a great knowledge of anatomy

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